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Which is the best scone to make?

A simple scone is the ideal filling for a traditional Italian meal.

However, we have discovered the best way to make a classic Italian scone, from scratch, without the need for a baker.


The traditional scone The classic Italian dish is the scone.

Made with white flour and ground meat, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a traditional meal.

The scone cooks beautifully in the oven, but it’s also perfectly adapted to a breakfast.


The super-thin, easy-to-cut scone There’s nothing like the classic scone on a cold summer day, and it’s a great option for lunch or dinner.

However you cut it, this recipe uses a very thin scone that is perfect for serving as a filling for breakfast.


The creamy scone We all know that you can use a buttercream to make the filling and we’re all about creamy sauces, but how about a scone without any buttercream?

The perfect filling for sandwiches or salads.


The fluffy, light scone Perfect for a fall evening meal, this scone has the perfect texture and soft texture of a scones pudding.


The gluten-free scone This recipe makes the perfect addition to a simple scozzo.

It’s gluten- and dairy-free, so you can eat it straight from the box, or as a spread with pasta and vegetables.


The rich scone A light and fluffy scone for the summer or winter, it has a light-tooth texture and a rich, nutty flavour.


The easy-gluten-free recipe With a few simple ingredients and the right preparation techniques, you can make this easy scone at home, for any occasion.


The eggless recipe Eggless Italian scones are a great way to use up leftover egg whites.

You can even make a gluten-Free version of this recipe for gluten- or dairy-sensitive people.


The vegan version The vegan scone combines a creamy scones custard with a nutty and rich tomato sauce, perfect for a classic fall dinner.


The vegetarian version You can make vegan scones by using a vegetable-based filling instead of flour, or you can try to make vegan versions of all the traditional scones with a few extra ingredients.


The nutty-buttercream version This creamy filling is the perfect topping for a sweet or savoury breakfast, or a light dessert.


The chocolate scone If you’re a nut lover, try this vegan chocolate scones recipe.

This creamy sconces recipe is great for an afternoon snack or a dessert for a date night.


The crispy scone You can also make a crispy scones without buttercream, and the results are delicious!


The hearty, savouriness-rich scone These scones will make a wonderful filling for lunch, a meal for the whole family or for a special occasion.


The buttery-rich and light scones These sconcs are the perfect breakfast for the office, and are great to add to pasta and desserts.


The savourier, dairy-containing scones The dairy- and egg-free version of the classic Italian classic scones is the one we recommend.

The creamier version is perfect to add a bit of flavour to your favourite dishes.


The rustic, hearty scone With the classic-style scones made with white, brown or black flour, you’re ready to make rustic scones that are a perfect filling in a traditional breakfast.


The light, fluffy scones If you want to use your favourite pastry or pastry filling instead, try to try this light- tooth-based scone with buttercream instead of white flour.


The almond scone One of our favourites is this almond scones, which is creamy and soft.

They are easy to make and are perfect for breakfast, lunch or a snack.


The chunky, savory scone Our favourite scone comes in a delicious chocolate-topped chocolate sauce.


The crunchy, savouy scone For a crunchier scone or to make your favourite dessert, try a crunchy scones.

The filling is delicious and the scones taste heavenly.

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